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2013 UCL Festival of the Arts (11-12 May)

UCL Festival of the Arts, UCL SSEES, Off-Press AND LoVArts invite you for the drop-in sessions to on May 11th and 12th, when there will be 5 drop-in sessions with some snacks and drinks – No registration needed, just come and enjoy!:

Polish has become the second most frequently spoken tongue on these Islands (The Guardian – “Polish becomes the England’s second language”), present all the time on the Tube, at bus stops cafes, restaurants, libraries and universities… but who are your Polish neighbours?

Come and meet some of the Polish artists and activists living in London: you will meet film makers, photographers, poets, writers, thinkers and teachers who came to London to start new lives and to make the capital a bit different.

Come and learn a bit of Polish, find out about famous Polish people, national curiosities and discover the map of Polish London (via a map of Polish tweets in London).

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