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Session 3: LoVArts

Session 3:

LoVArts presents Polish visual artists!

(Ania Perkowska, Oskar OK Krajewski, Aleksandra Karpowicz)


LoVArts invites you to meet some of the Polish artists who are part of our collective. Find out who they are, what do they do and in what way their personalities and identity influence their work.

Artist: Ania Perkowska

Project title: Onmytoes Ceramics


Artist: Oskar OK Krajewski

Project title: ‘Immersion’


Artist: Aleksandra Karpowicz

Project title: Paying Tribute to Dance

Questions for discussion:

  • Does clay have a national identity?
  • How does your background influence your works?
  • Do you think art is a mean of expressing one’s national identity?


LoVarts, London Visual Arts is a multinational collective formed of London based visual artists and arts lovers whose aim is to promote the wide variety of visual art and to create opportunities for work and collaborations.

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Artists’ profiles:

Ania Perkowska

Oskar Krajewski

Aleksandra Karpowicz

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