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Gendering Democracy seminars 2016-2017

Citizenship as the expression of agency contributes to the recasting of women as actors on the political stage (Ruth Lister 2003, 199)

It took some time before I realized that democracy in Poland has a masculine gender” (Janion 2009, speech on the I Kongres Kobiet)


Gendering Democracy 2016-2017

This is a preliminary phase of a new project which aims at creating series of seminars devoted to Polish cultural politics in its controversial gendered dimensions, centred on Polish values and the notion of belonging.

The seminars investigates the dynamics of cultural politics (in art, literature and film) and the workings of democratic mechanisms within gender perspective.

The project is based on previous research and expertise and seeks to enable the development and publication of new knowledge and frameworks, as well as dissemination through academic networks and media presence (on-line platforms and podcast collection).


(what out for the event at the UCL SSEES news&events page)

27th of October: Body Politics and Abortion in Poland. Discussion

January 2017: Woman a Investigative Category? Discussion of Women In Writing and Translation and Book Launch of Wioletta Grzegorzewska

March 2017: LGBTQ rights and Poland?

June 2017: Festival of Cultures De-Composing Gender/s (talks, quizzes, presentations)


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