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Session 1: Film about Polish Artists

Session 1: Mally Yina in discussion with Urszula Chowaniec

(Saturday, May 11, 1-2 pm)

PolinArts i Prometeusze


Come to this session to see a film and take part in the lively discussion on Polish Artist and their search for identity….


Artist: Mally Yina

Project title: PolinArts i Prometeusze / PolinArts and Prometheus (Presentation of the Documentary on Polish Artists in London)


1.     Questions you may be asked before the film: 

·        Based on your life experience, how could you describe your national identity?

·        What elements from your national identity do you consider most important?

·        From your knowledge, what is a general opinion about Polish people?

·        How many Polish people do you know personally?

·        What are their jobs?

·        Have you heard about Polish artists who work in London? Why/How?

·        Do you know any Polish jokes?


2.     Discussion after the projection:

·        Was there anything in the film that was new to you?

·        Was there anything that especially surprised you?

·        What are your reflections about the identity of migrants?

·        What are your reflections about your own identity?

·        Would you like to know more about any of the artists?


Artist’s Profile:

Mally Yina is a theatre director and an award winning filmmaker. 

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