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Session 2: Theatre – Performance

Session 2: Meet the Polish Artists: Theatre, Performance, Film

(Margot Przymierska and Dominika Akuszewska)


Drop in for an amazing session to see what is being created in London by young film and theatre creators…


Artist: Margot Przymierska

Project title: ‘Romanians’- exploration of the subject: ‘How stage-able is bi-linguality?’ 

 Artist: Dominika Akuszewska

Project title: Play Poland Film Festival


Questions for discussion:

·         What do you think/ feel when watching a theatre play/ film in a foreign language?

·         Is theatre performed in the original language (non-English) relevant today in London? Why? 

·         Is Polish art any different than any other art?

·         Will you look for more Polish art or you had enough?

·         How would you describe Polish cinema?


Artists’ profiles:

·         Margot Przymierska

·         Dominika Akuszewska

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