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“As for the beginnings… God made man and of man a woman.
And then he made me and of me a worm and of the worm verses.”

Genowefa Jakubowska-Fijałkowska


A love story on the eastern border

yesterday, my brother’s girlfriend hanged herself

from a door handle a shower rail a tree in the park
(one dies best by a radiator until orgasm until the end)

such girls take stools from the kitchen to the living room
place them beneath lampshades don nooses made from bathrobe belts

take stiff drinks light cigarettes check their make up
scared stiff before doing the deed

send texts call beg blackmail curse promise
swear on their knees

just for you not to leave you to love them still
until death until the last drop of urine trickles down the leg

his girlfriend could have done it in a bath of warm water with a razor gently
across the veins the wrist

a rivulet of blood would then flow beneath the bathroom door
like the Red Sea like the Dead Sea

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