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Zuza Tehanu

Zuza Tehanu is a choreographer, dancer, musician, working professionally as a photographer and model. Born in Gdynia, Poland.

She founded Dark Soul Dance Theatre in 2010, where she is directing, and choreographing and managing group productions. She usually works interdisciplinary, combining dance, theatre, improvisation, visual arts, live music, fashion, photography, film and much more. Interested in sharing ideas and in an exchange of a creative energy, she often invites artists from different backgrounds to work together to develop an idea and generate many different “art-products” in the same project. With her theatre group she made 13 productions so far (eg. “Dark Soul”, ” Woman being”, “Sisters Strange”, “The Path”, “We bring the breed”) and is performing in London and around England. She has also choreographed for other companies, including “Project Anna” by Paulina Palian and Ewa Bathelier.

Finally, Zuza is also hosting Dark Soul Night events (eg. “Dark Night of Art” Halloween 2012, “Inner Reality” Spring 2013), which fall under the idea of interdisciplinary collaboration between artists.


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