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Mally Yina

Mally Yina is a theatre director and an award winning filmmaker. Her London theatre productions include: ‘Rain in Spain’ for Tarantara Theatre Tribe; ‘Suzana’ and ‘LD’ for Dyspla Festival produced by MSFT;  ‘Mother’ by S.I. Witkiewicz for Te-Art Project, ‘Seven Colours’ Fold Up Theatre; ‘There’ and ‘Closure’ for The Goats Theatre.
Last year Mally won the Allegro Short Lab competition with ‘Where is Harry?’, a 10-minute short about dementia. She is currently working on a number of short films and as well a feature long documentary about Polish artists from London. At the beginning of this year, Mally co-founded London Visual Arts collective- LoVArts. During the day time, she works as a lecturer at a London college. For more information about her projects, please visit her website: http://www.mallywinifilms.com


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