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eMigrating Landscapes is live…

March-June 2013
4 events

March 13, Wednesday CSR 5 pm.
Irit Rogoff lecture (visual art, emigration and freedom?)

A lecture on borders and freedom as seen in contemporary art
Commentary and discussion with Polish artist Joanna Rajkowska
See: Exhausted Geographies

March 20, Wednesday, room 433, 5 pm.

Debate on contemporary Europeans, new ideas about borders and “New Europeans?”: Grażyna Plebanek and AM Bakalar

A meeting with the authors hosted by Urszula Chowaniec. The discussion and commentary by Tim Beasley-Murray and Agata Pyzik.
May 13, Monday CSR 5 pm.
eMigration outside and within the borders.
Dialogues on contemporary poetry and notions of the emigrating writer.
Genowefa Jakubowska-Fiałkowska and Wioletta Grzegorzewska.

A meeting with the authors hosted by translator and editor Marek Kazmierski.
June 20, Tuesday CSR 5 pm.
Polish eMigrants: the notion of generation in the poetry of Maria Jastrzębska and the prose of Marek Kazmierski.

The commentary and discussion by the poet and artist Steven Fowler.

See: http://www.freewordonline.com/events/detail/migration-stories

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